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Welcome, Traveller

It's time for a journey.

Everything great starts with an idea.

Thoughtanaut is a web series built upon the fascination of interesting thoughts, not always are things as straightforward as they seem. Thoughtanaut is dedicated to showcasing some of the greatest paradoxes and tidbits of science and philosophy for the world to see.

We are currently a small team of two people, however, with your support Thoughtanaut can blossom; increasing video production rate and quality. Thank you for your support.


Roko's Basilisk

Roko's Basilisk is a horrifying thought experiment following AI logic, first described by the rationalist user LessWrong, this thought experiment builds upon Pascal's Wager.


The Trolley Problem

A trolley is headed towards five people, but you have the opportunity to switch the tracks causing the death of only one person. But is it right? Should you sacrifice one person in order to save five?


Unanounced Episode!

Episode three of Thoughtanaut is under construction! But I'm sure it'll be awesome. Watch this space to find out about it before everyone else! In the meantime, here's a video you might like!